Youatt says "The breeding mare should have "compactness of form, and shortness of leg." That shortness of limb with compactness of form are indispensable to great endurance, is too well known and too generally admitted hy horsemen to need any argument. It may be true that height is necessary to give the greatest speed, but of what practical advantage will be such speed without corresponding powers of endurance. All experience shows that the horse of medium size is far the most capable of performing great feats upon either the turf or road in carrying weight at long distances."

BCM ANIS SOLARIS 15.0 H (CAN) 14595 DOB May 27, 2004

Anis is Aura's main ride for Endurance events.

BCM PRUDENCE 14.3 H (CAN) 16512 DOB April 21, 2010

Prudence is anything but prudent. This young maiden mares disposition is amazing: right from the time she was born she has taken to people. She is broke to harness. Prudence is a gaited Morgan, she performs normal gates as in the walk, trot and canter but will also do a pace which is a two beat gait.


BCM EVITA 15.0 H (CAN) 16805 DOB April 24, 2011

Evita is a wonderful young maiden mare, with a most excellent disposition. She has become a saddle horse that moves well using seat and legs. She goes well in a bitted or non bitted bridle.

At a bit over 15 H in height she is over 1200 lb in weight.


BCM QUINTESSA 15.0 H (CAN) 17209 DOB May 7, 2013

Quin as we call her is a wonderful young full bodied mare. Sensitive, smart and willing and gaited as well. Quin has received 90 days professional training from KC Training. Greg raises and trains Tennessee Walkers so Quin was schooled to gait or stepping pace. Quin is doing well in her training and this summer successfully completed a 25 mile Endurance event.


BCM RED FEATHER WALKER 15.0 H (CAN) 17127 DOB May 14, 2013

We had sold Feather as a weanling. The opportunity to have her rejoin our herd was offered to us and we did not hesitate in having her back. We look forward to her training and the possibility of a new endurance Morgan. Feather has a sweet and relaxed disposition something that we strive for in our breeding program.


BCM BELLANCA 15.1 H (CAN) 17599 DOB May 3, 2015

Bella was the last foal produced by the Speedking daughter Kodiak Queencrystalwalker. This young filly has a huge motor on her. Aura has big expectations with Bella during the summer of 2019 she is to be introduced to Endurance Events. As being only 4 she will be restricted to limited distance of 25 miles.


BCM JERIKA WALKER 14.2+ H (CAN) 17779 DOB AUGUST 16, 2016

Jerika is a nice young filly, she boosts a who's who of our breeding program. With Multiple crosses to Red Correll and Merry Ethan thru their sons and daughters.

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